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South of France: Provence Nº2

May 10, 2015

Exploring more of the Provence region brought us to Nîmes and Arles. Two places with rich history dating back thousands of years and have well preserved Roman amphitheaters. It was like stepping in front of the Colosseum for a moment which brought back some great memories of Rome we had in March.

The Arena of Nîmes is known for being the best preserved Roman arena in the world and is still in use today. It’s made appearances in a few movies and is used for two annual bullfights and Festival de NîmesArena of NimesAlthough it was nice to visit the arena and La Masion Carrée, we were not too impressed with what else Nimes had to offer. It did however have a mall and given that I forgot to pack all of my shorts, shopping was definitely not a waste of time. At least I packed plenty of dresses to get me through the week. Award for the best luggage packer goes to me…

La Masion Carree

Arles was a much better visit and the town is full of Roman history and an abundance of UNESCO World Heritage sites. If only we did our homework before we went to know exactly were to go! The streets were quiet, the people were friendly, and I bought a cute hat with a bow.

Arles streets

Both Augustin and I had a great feeling in Aix-en-Provence. To us, it was the Lille of the south with a lively atmosphere, plenty of students and boutiques. The beer was a little more expensive then we were used though coming from Lille. It’s the only place I forgot to buy a postcard from for my collection! We only spent the night there but if we had more time to explore the city more in depth, I’m sure we would have loved it even more.


A very typical treat from Aix is a calisson. We bought some at Bechard and for some reason didn’t eat them right away and they melted in my suitcase the next day. Advice for everyone: when you buy candy, just eat it right away. Don’t “save it for later” because there won’t be a later.

BechardWe had dinner at a restaurant called La Pizza. The weather was perfect to eat outside on the terrace with a nice glass of local wine and a delicious meal. The staff was friendly and the place was very busy.

PizzaThe hotel we stayed at is usually a good option for a couple of nights at a low price, but our room had no air conditioning. That was a disaster and they didn’t even apologize about it. Besides that, it was a great end to our small tour of Provence!

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