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South of France: Provence Nº1

May 10, 2015

With a slight sunburn and an actual internet connection, Augustin and I finally have a chance to rest during our vacation. Only took us six days but hey, we can finally put our feet up. As usual, our week went by too quickly and now it’s time to head home. Knowing our luck, it will be cold and rainy when we arrive back in Lille.


After an eight hour drive, we arrived in the beautiful and green region of Provence. We were fortunate enough to have Augustin’s sister and her family living right near Nîmes and we stayed with them for a couple of nights. When we made it to their small village, I did not believe we were still in France. I am surely no expert in international architecture was a village out of Italy or Spain. I’ve gotten used to seeing les briques of the North that I wasn’t prepared for les pierres (stones) or the typical style of the South.


Before leaving we planned our route to have enough time to visit everything we wanted to. We went back and forth about taking the train or driving, and I am so glad we decided to drive. The flexibility and accessibility has been extremely beneficial, and we’ve been able to see a few places that weren’t originally on the schedule, including the little town of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence.


Uzès was a town suggested by Augustin’s sister. We took a coffee in the Places aux Herbes while enjoying the peace and quiet of this little town. Uzes

Le Pont du Gard is an ancient Roman bridge and is now UNESCO World Heritage site was an aqueduct that brought water from a spring in Uzès to Nîmes. The bridge was massive!

Pont du Gard

I’d say the first day in Provence was a success. Driving from town to town was also very cool because the land was filled with grape harvests for wine in every direction. A picture just cannot capture just how beautiful the scenery is here.

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