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South of France: Avignon

May 11, 2015

We spent an afternoon in Avignon exploring the little streets of the city and enjoying a lunch in the sun. It was a little cloudy at the end, but we had a great time learning more about this city surrounded by old medieval remnants.


A friend of mine has been living here for about a year and gave us some restaurant suggestions. It was Monday so naturally many places were closed of but Rue du Vieux Sextier de is the place to go apparently. She suggested Perigourd Gourmand, L’Ardoise, and Petit Gourmand. We ended up finding Le Conservatoire in a main square and were not disappointed.


The two main sites to visit inside Avignon are the Palais des Papes and Le Pont d’Avignon. During the 13th and 14th century, Avignon held six papal conclaves and the largest papal library in Europe.
Palais de PapeThe Pont d’Avignon, or Pont Saint-Bénézet has been destroyed, rebuilt, abandoned and eventually left standing with four arches. When I asked Augustin about it, all he could tell me was the song called Sur le pont d’AvignonThe wind was picking up when we got on the bridge and this is when remembering to pack my pants would have come in handy, sorry for the flash Avignon.

Pont d'AvignonAvignon is a relatively small place and does not take that long to visit. We know it’s not that large because we unintentionally walked along the whole wall searching for where we parked our car. This article by Culinary Travel does a much better explanation and description of the city than I could! I wish we were there on Sunday to explore the Flea market-sounds like a great place to find cultural and culinary aspects of Avignon.

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