Movie Monday

Movie Monday Nº3

June 22, 2015

It’s been awhile I’ve had time to watch a movie, actually. I do however find the time to start watching The Walking Dead and start (and finish) the new season of Orange is the New Black. There are no existing priorities at the moment. Plus, it’s summer and I want some color on my skin.Cider House RulesOriginally a novel, The Cider House Rules is a touching story about the life of a boy, Homer, who grew up in an orphanage. He was raised by the in-house doctor who taught him everything he needed to know on about medicine. Before long, Homer becomes a skilled but unlicensed physician practicing deliveries and illegal abortions. When Wally and Candy, a young and lively couple, come to prevent an unwanted birth, Homer decides to finally leave the orphanage and work on the Candy’s family apple farm. After Wally deploys for war, Homer and Candy’s relationship grows more intimate. He falls in love but his fate of being a doctor comes back to him when one of the migrant workers needs an abortion from the baby her own father impregnated her with. He preforms the surgery and is called back to the orphanage when the old doctor dies.

The movie had a little bit of everything. Moments of humor, sadness and tears (I may have cried a couple of times but no one needs to know), high emotions and romance. I watched it a little while ago and since then I have been thinking about the storyline and how it plays out. Although Homer ends up doing what he was meant to do, there wasn’t a lot of clarity on the father’s incestuous nature at the end. Yes, that’s what brought Homer to return to the place he was trying to escape, but I guess the movie didn’t have an overall wrap up. I think that is kind of a big deal. Never mind Homer not ending up with Candy, because Wally comes back from war injured and handicapped, there wasn’t much else that happened.

The movie was good but not amazing and I’m sure the book would have been better for me. It was sad to see all the little kids watch couples come in and hope they would get to go home with them but I’m happy that Homer returned back to help the orphanage out. Sorry for the spoiler alert!

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