Movie Monday

Movie Monday Nº2

May 4, 2015

I have to admit that we didn’t actually watch this one recently, but considering I’ve seen it six times and we are on vacation I can give a fairly accurate review. I can proudly say I am able to now watch it without subtitles, woohoo!
intouchableIntouchables is my favorite movie of all time. Basically it just touches my soul.

The film is based on a true story where a millionaire quadriplegic, Philippe, is looking for a caregiver. A young man interrupts the interviews looking for Philippe to sign his Social Security papers claiming that he is looking for a job, just to get the unemployment benefit. Instead of signing the papers, he challenges him to take on the position. Driss accepts the challenge and moves in to his beautiful mansion to help him live everyday life in a wheelchair. From that point on they grow an incredible bond and both their lives change.

Just imagine a high class, serious aristocrat from Paris befriending a hilarious, “pragmatic,”  and silly black guy from the ghetto. This unconventional relationship brings out moments of humor, warmth, joy and sadness. Even seeing the trailer makes me want to watch it again. This is a movie I don’t think I could ever get sick of. I watched it the first time with Augustin and then with my roommates the very next day. On both my flight to France and back (when I visited in the summer), once when I just wanted to watch it, and again on my bus ride home from Berlin when I translated the whole thing to Amelia. I’d like to think quoting movies in French means I am improving in my fluency, but then I realize it’s totally not. Pas de bras, pas de chocolat. Classic.

Side note, the opening song is by Earth, Wind & Fire and has become Augustin and I’s favorite dance jam.

Even if you have never seen, heard, or studied French in your life, I HIGHLY recommend this to you. It’s on Netflix with subtitles in case you were wondering. You’re welcome.


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  • I’ve never seen this but now you make me want to! I’m gonna have to watch it :)