Movie Monday

Movie Monday Nº1

April 27, 2015

There’s nothing better than watching a new movie with your boyfriend. Augustin and I have made it a habit of watching (at least) one movie a week, especially now that our favorite series Revenge is coming to a end. I’m not quite sure how we started watching that one…but after four seasons you get pretty into it. Since we are still in France right now, we eagerly wait for the new episode to come on Popcorn time two days later. Which by the way is the best thing ever. It’s the free version of Netflix that has the most updated episodes of almost all shows and an abundance of movies. When a french student was describing it I thought it was just one of those silly french expressions for watching a movie with popcorn, but no. It’s a real thing.


A movie is not complete without some munchies nearby.

When I was looking for bloggers that also participated in Movie Monday and I came across Cherry Blossom and Faerie Wings. A wedding blog that takes romantic movies and finds wedding inspirations from them. How cool!

The first film in the Movie Monday series is Divergent. Brought to you by the girl made famous for being a pregnant teenager, and then having a terminal cancer. I always find it interesting the array of roles certain actors and actresses play. Does anyone ever get the characters confused? I know I was also confused when I saw that her brother was previously her boyfriend in Faults in Our Stars. You’d think with the mass of people wanting to make it big in Hollywood they would mix up the cast a little bit. Not to undermine their acting ability but c’mon now.


The movie takes place in a city divided into five main “factions,” which each represent certain characteristics: peaceful, intelligent, brave and selfless. Once you take the placement test and choose your faction, you are stuck with it for life. Unless of course you don’t fit in-like Beatrice-and are secretly a Divergent. After choosing the adventurous Dauntless, Trice goes through a series of competitions to earn her spot in the faction. Along the way she gets befriends a rather attractive member, Four (yes that’s his name), who also shares her secret. In fear of becoming exposed they team up together after discovering the unraveling “peaceful” society they live in are trying to put the Divergents lives in danger.

[Spoiler Alert] During the part where Four is showing Trice his tattoo of all the factions and says he wants to be all those qualities (honest, intelligent, brave and nice) here comes Augustin, “There is something that I don’t understand about American movies, why do they always try to describe me?” This is my life.

My overall impression of the movie was neutral. It was the same old story-the underdog becomes the hero and finds true love while a war ensues with unrealistic graphics. I have to admit it wasn’t a complete bore to watch, but it was very predictable and probably not worth the time considering it was a little over two hours.

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  • Had to stop reading at spoiler alert… Seriously laughing that you have fish and shell bowls haha. You and AJ should start watching The Following on Netflix/Popcorn Time because it’s so, so, so good. Can’t wait for you to be home and so happy you’ve got your new blog. LOVE you!

    • Haha make sure you read it once you’ve watched the movie!! It’s too funny! Okay, we will have to give The Following a try-summer time series! LOVE YOU!

  • Schill

    Hey! I like the fishes and shell bowls! Coming from Soulac, a high touristic place!!! Lol