Monthly Missions

Monthly Missions: May

May 2, 2015

I can’t believe it’s already May. The time has passed so quickly and I wasn’t ready for it. It seems like just yesterday I stepped off the plane in Paris to start my semester abroad. And of course the weather is finally looking up in Lille after the cold and rainy winter.


I’ve always made lists, kept an up-to-date journal and set goals for myself. And it’s said that if you write your goals down, you have a better chance of achieving them. A great idea for setting monthly goals is asking these four questions. Making your life healthier, simpler, more organized and  happier one month at a time.

Here are mine for the month of May:

1. To make my life healthier: I realized I do not drink enough water. It’s something I’ve never really thought of but it’s very important. I’m sure Madeline could agree with me on this one when she made mentioned it in one of her Weekly Wishes. I read some great tips for drinking more water and found a creative way to infuse fruit inside!

2. To make my life simpler: This overlaps with making my life more organized as well, but I need to donate some clothes I never wear anymore. I’m aware that I have a lot-and so is Augustin. Believe me, our 100 square meter apartment barely had room for his stuff because I decided to bring my whole wardrobe to France. And anyways, getting rid of some things makes room for more right?

3. To make my life more organized: As I’m pretty new to this whole blogging thing, I need to make a schedule of when I want to blog. Writing something everyday seems a little unrealistic when I’ll be starting my internship at the end of May and getting settled back into my apartment. I’m having a blast exploring the blogging world and fun new things to talk about but I want to write articles with intention.

4. To make my life happier: A few nights ago I finally reached my grandma when my dad was taking her shopping. Throughout the semester I’ve tried calling her but I always reach her voicemail. The time differences between the US and France has been a challenge in itself. It was so nice to talk to her and she was extremely happy to hear from me. Who knows how long she’ll be here and when I’ll see her again. Something could happen when I’m away at school and I would regret not talking to her enough. She has an incredible story that I want to learn more about it before the memories are forever gone.

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  • Kaley Hill Ehret

    I love your missions for the month, Juliann – and especially love that you are accomplishing them in France!

    • Thank you!! I better get rid of some clothes before I come home or my luggage will not close haha!

  • Schill

    You can also, for a healthier Life, drink juices from vegetables and fruits. There are many Books on that. When is your birthday?

    • That’s a great idea, I was planning on taking getting a blender to make some fruit smoothies this summer! It’s 19th of October

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