Monthly Missions

Monthly Missions: July

July 5, 2015

As I’m healing from the most awkward sunburn of my life, I am thinking about the month to come! July is going to be busy busy! It’s already been in the last five days. I finally got the keys to my new apartment, although I hardly have anything for it yet. I hit the Carolina shores for the fourth with my little (where these burnt ankles came from and one random patch on my back) and Augustin comes the 20th!! Woohoo, I’m totally not excited at all (this is a joke). 4th of JulyJune went by with a blink of an eye. Looking back at the missions for the month, I had a pretty good one! I do have to admit, going to yard sales was a little harder than I was anticipating. First of all, waking up early on a Saturday was not really my thing, and it’s actually a lot harder to buy furniture when you have a small car. Who knew! I wish I found more stuff for my apartment, but I have time before Augustin comes. I did find plenty of time to relax, read, and start a few new shows. I made a couple new recipes, but nothing too exciting. I forgot how hard it was cooking for one.

In July, I’m hoping for a few things.

1. MORE Yard Sales. Or at least have the essentials to sit, eat and sleep in the apartment. It’s a little hard to buy big things until I’m in there and can get a fee for what’s needed. I love the idea of decorating, but man is it work. I do have an idea to make my own curtains, the local flea market has some great fabrics.. stay tuned.

2. Coupons! Who doesn’t love a good bargain and there are a million coupons just waiting to be used. The trickiest part is finding the ones you actually need. I have my local grocery store’s savings card but time to start clipping coupons from where ever you get coupons. Also, thinking about getting a wholesale membership. It’s just two of us but buying in bulk can sure save some money in the long run.

3. Send more letters. A thoughtful tradition that is slowly slipping away. Last semester Augustin and I sent letters back and further while we apart and even though we still talked every day, it was fun getting to open the mailbox and see a little envelope inside. I love doing handwritten notes! Right now, I’m working on writing Augustin’s grandmother a letter, with a little help with the french from him.Letter

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