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Medieval Treasures

May 20, 2015

South of France has presented itself with many wonderful things, including an ancient Roman amphitheater and bridge, beautiful blue water, boat rides, and much, much more. I think the beach will always shine above the rest for me, but there were two places that I particularly enjoyed: Saint-Paul-de-Vence and Èze.

Before we even arrived at Saint-Paul-de-Vence, I was taken back by the view of the village high above the rest and the landscape around it. That’s (another) thing I’ve liked over this vacation, driving from place to place and seeing small towns nestled into mountain ranges, or an obstructed view of the Mediterranean. France is a beautiful country just waiting to be explored.


I can’t tell you if there is anything to actually do there, but it was satisfying enough walking through those cobblestone streets. The village is full of character and something everyone should see. I think I have said that about everywhere I’ve visited so far, but it’s true. A place rich with medieval history and a strong community is an experience in itself.

Saint Paul


Èze was just as charming, perched on a cliff overlooking the riviera. A stunning view from afar and even more once inside.

EzeSomething I appreciated from both places was the absence of traffic. The only way to explore the city is by foot which makes it extremely peaceful. It was like that in Cassis because of the market, but touristic places like Nice, Cannes, and Monaco were filled with cars. I’ve always thought I preferred the countryside over big cities. Visiting a place this beautiful and calm solidified that feeling. 

Eze street

EzeThese medieval treasures added even more to my french adventure. Over the course of a week I was able to see many different facets of french culture. But places like these are more appealing to me because they aren’t overcrowded with tourists.  Although it is growing with popularity given the row of coach buses lined up outside the walls, there weren’t too many people there which made it even better. 

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