Book Review

I Take You by Eliza Kennedy / Review

May 28, 2015

After all the chaos of moving back into my apartment and unpacking the endless amount of boxes I miraculously fit in my little car, I had enough time to sit and enjoy a new book. I have to admit it’s hardly been 24 hours since the book arrived at my doorstep from the publisher and it’s already finished.I Take You by Eliza KennedyI Take You by Eliza Kennedy grabbed my attention from the first couple of pages, and I couldn’t stop until my eyes were too tired to stay open. The main character, Lily Wilder, is funny, curious and New York lawyer who will keep you on the edge of your seat. Her indecisiveness about her upcoming wedding, due to the fact that she is completely not marriage material, steers up questions about fidelity and dating ideals. Her love of men, but also for her fiancé Will, leave her in a tricky situation days before the wedding. Dealing with her unconventional family and high-profile case that will make or break her career, Lily has to decide if she loves Will enough to give up her promiscuous lifestyle or come clean about what she’s been doing behind his back.

I don’t agree with her morals, or lack there of, about sleeping around, but it made for an interesting storyline. There were moments when I thought I could predict the ending, and then something major happens and it changes everything. Eliza Kennedy does a great job of capturing her audience to continue reading and leaves them thoroughly entertained.

Must read for the summer!