Frenchie Friday

Frenchie Friday Nº3

June 12, 2015

I know I’ve been slacking with my Frenchie Fridays the past couple of weeks. Who knew a full-time job would make you so exhausted at the end of the day? I certainly didn’t, but it seems to be happening.

This Frenchie Friday is brought to you by the one and only: Paris. There has been so much buzz around the closing of the famous “Love Lock Bridge,” and I’m not sure whether I agree with it or not. Augustin and I had a chance to “lock” our love away last summer before all of this happened. I do have to admit that it has become such a tourist cliché, and with the overwhelming number of locks weighing the bridge down, it’s not anything unique. We still had to do it though, I mean c’mon!

Love Lock

Even in August some parts of the bridge were blocked off because it was too heavy. Since then there have been petitions about removing the locks and it seems like many Parisians aren’t crying about it. Apparently a lot of them are happy to no longer see these locks.

LocksOverall my thoughts are that if the city of Paris decides to do away with the whole thing, I hope they know they won’t be able to. They will show up on another bridge because people want to keep the “romantic” tradition alive. These locks are popping up all over the world and it’s not about to stop.

As I was searching for other bloggers that shared this same opinion, I came across an article about other romantic things to do in Paris. She hits the nail right on the head. I never tangoed on La Seine before, but the atmosphere by the river at night is so much fun. We met some of Augustin’s good friends and enjoyed a great night with the warm summer air and a bottle of wine.

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