Frenchie Friday

Frenchie Friday Nº2

May 22, 2015

I have been home for a little over a week now and I’m missing France like crazy. Mostly Augustin, but an assortment of other things as well. Top of the list would have be food because one: it was way better there in general and two: my stomach is not readjusting well. I slightly blame that on the Bojangles I inhaled within two hours of being back in North Carolina. Not sorry about it either.

The countdown is on until Augustin comes back at the end of July. Until then, Facetime will have to suffice. This week’s Frenchie Friday is dedicated to him and the wonderful (almost) two years we’ve spent together! I really enjoyed going through old photos. There were almost too many to choose from.

Spring Break last year was spent suntanning on the Carolina shores. For the record I had to force everyone to actually go in the water that was “too cold.” After two seconds they can sprinting out. Silly southerners.

Spring BreakAlways being surprised with little acts of kindness. Coming home to a bouquet of sunflowers was one of the best. He really knows the way into my heart. My dream is to see the sunflower fields in the South of France, but nothing was blossomed yet when we were there. I can only imagine how beautiful it would be seeing fields for miles and miles. Similar to all the lavender fields we saw through the Provence region. SunflowersEnjoying the beautiful southern weather and $2 canoe rentals at the local lake. Also, pretty much reenacting The Notebook. IMG_8514 (1)I went to visit Augustin over the summer and we decided to have a little fun in Paris by taking selfies in front of Le Tour Eiffel and drinking café on the terrace.

ParisIt was mine turn for a cute surprise and I had my chance when he came to visit in October. Before he arrived I had a mandatory event that made it impossible to pick him up from the airport. Plans for the event changed and I was able to pick him up, but as far as he knew my roommates were going to. They came along to document the whole thing and it was magical. He was so surprised!

AirportAnd after a semester apart, we finally reunited for my amazing study abroad in France. Everyone has been asking whether I will move to France after graduation or we will stay in the US. For the moment I’m focused on finding us an apartment for the school year and starting my summer internship. I’m sure the best is yet to come. Stay tuned :)


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