Frenchie Friday

Frenchie Friday Nº1

May 1, 2015

I’ve decided to start a series called Frenchie Fridays because well, I just wanted to. My time in France is coming to an end in about two weeks and I want to hold onto every part of it as possible. I think it’ll also be fun to tell y’all what Augustin is up to every now and then. The sad news is that we have to spend about two months apart until he comes back to the US to finish his studies with me. We’ve done it before (for a whole semester) and we can do it again!

I was curious if anyone else participated in their own version of Frenchie Friday, and I discovered a woman named Tonya Leigh. Her site has some really interesting articles about the “french kiss life” and ways to make the best of whatever situation you’re in. A nice read!

This Friday is dedicated to Le 1er Mai/The 1st of May. One of the (many) days off in France, the May Day is the French Labor Day. It’s safe to say pretty much the whole country is closed. They do take their holidays seriously after all.


Augustin and I spent this wonderful day off relaxing with his family over a delicious lunch and playing Cluedo with his brother and sister-in-law by the fire. He won, of course. He always does. I taught him how to play Rummy, a card game I’ve grown up playing with my family, and I wish I never did. I’ve probably won under five times out of the thousands of rounds we’ve played together. I’ll get him one day.

His mom also made a yummy strawberry crumble that I had to share a picture of! She’s made many different crumbles: pear, peach, and groseilles from her garden. I’ve definitely learned a thing or two from her this semester.

By the way, Mamie came over and she loved the peanut butter cookies. Grandma’s approval means a win for American desserts.

IMG_6988aAfter dessert, Augustin and I actually started planning our vacation to the South of France, which we are leaving on Sunday for. Not last minute at all. All I know is I bought two new bathing suits to wear on the beach and my aunt sent me a lovely care package full of road trip goodies. It’s going to be a great week of sunshine and new discoveries, stay touched for updates!

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  • Schill

    The whole semester… It is something I experienced a few years ago… You will go through those 2 months, do not worry. By the way, I married that Man I have been away from a long time… A bon entendeur….

    • Thank you :) And it’ll be even better having a great family like yours to talk to! Biz xoxo