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Florence is Calling

June 26, 2015

My dad just discovered that you can add a photo to someone’s contact information so when they call their face shows up. Welcome to 2015! He wanted to use my high school graduation picture, but instead I scanning through my photos to find a better one. That’s when I came across this one, and it brought me back to the fantastic vacation Augustin and I had in Italy.After a few days in Rome, we headed to Tuscany and discovered Firenze in a short two days. It was windy for sure and such a great time. Roaming the city, having some of the best hot chocolate, pasta, pizza and wine of our lives, and seeing amazing architecture made it an unforgettable travel experience. Not to mention the breathtaking mountains of Tuscany.

We must have climbed more than two thousand steps in Florence. There are 463 steps to the top of the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, or Duomo, 223 to the top of the tower in the Museo di Palazzo Vecchio, and who knows how many steps to take this picture at the Piazzale Michaelangelo. We planned to be there right before the sun was setting to get a perfect landscape. For the record we ended up getting lost first and roamed around a residential neighborhood and not so friendly park. Still well worth it in my opinion.

TuscanyI come from a family with an Italian side and my grandmother absolutely adored Florence. She told me her favorite part was the Ponte de Vecchio and I soon discovered out why. The bridge was back to back jewelry stores. It was so bright you wanted to close your eyes, but too shiny to look away. I see your games, Grammy.Ponte de VecchioEasily the most iconic structure in Firenze, the Duomo. Put your best shoes on and be prepared for the steep, winding, tight and somewhat terrifying trek to the top. Another mission well worth the agony and leg muscles. We spent two days exploring the city, and even though we didn’t spend too much times in the museum. Florence is large, and it was a lot of walking to see everything in that amount of time, but that short time was just fine for us.Duomo FlorenceAs much of a pain it was getting up there, it didn’t stop us from having a little fun and trying not to fall over from the wind. Augustin was a little afraid to go near the edge, but I didn’t tell anyone that. What an amazing city Firenze is!

With a few suggestions from a friend and accidentally stumbling upon restaurants while we were lost, we found some great places to eat. Probably the worst to find but well worth it for their sausage tortellini truffle dish and house Chianti was Trattoria Anita. It’s in an alley by the Uffizi Museum on the corner. The worst part about it was forgetting our much-needed umbrella and had to find it the next day. We realized later that it’s right by an american university and most of it’s customers spoke English, but it was a delicious dinner.

DuomoI don’t think a building could get more detailed then the ones in Florence’s center. The cathedral and the Battistero di San Giovanni make for stunning photographs. I have to admit I wish I took this one when I was there, but the Baptistery was under construction while we were there. Props to Yaya at Hand Luggage Only for capturing Florence’s finest in one shot.Florence's finestJust looking back at my photos makes me happy. A BIG thank you to my roommate Madeline for giving me a journal for christmas. There are so many little memories that have slipped my mind since then, and it’s nice to look back and see all the little things that made that vacation what it was. Probably me writing about us getting lost a hundred times was the funniest. Also Augustin thinking they were filming the new James Bond movie and we were going to be in it, when it really was just a demonstration with a ton of policemen lined the streets. Oh, does he make life interesting. Florence


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