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Country Roads to Moustier Sainte Marie

May 24, 2015

Throughout our trip to the South of France, Apple Maps didn’t completely throw us off course. There have been a few questionable moments, but this time it was definitely worth those windy curves and mountain views on the way from our hotel in Draugignan to Moustier Sainte Marie. We stopped by the Gorge du Verdon on the way.Gorge du VerdonWe decided to stay in Draguignan because it was somewhat in between Nice and Gorge du Verdon and we would see the beautiful national parks and the mountains along the way. We stayed at Hotel des Oliviers, a calm and quaint place with a pool and peaceful terrace to enjoy breakfast in the morning. Besides the hotel and the restaurant we ate at for dinner, Draguignan was not worth the visit.

Hotel les Oliviers

On the road from St Croix to Moustier Sainte Marie, there were endless fields of lavender, a specialty from this region. Unfortunately they weren’t fully developed but the smell in air was lovely. We stopped at a local farm to buy some but no one was there. We made a doggy friend though.

Lavender FieldsClose to the Plateau Valensole and snuggled into the southern alps, Moustier Sainte Marie was a hidden gem. Augustin’s uncle suggested this place and it’s somewhere everyone should visit. (Again, I’ve said this about everwhere but I really mean it!) I have the feeling I could spend months there and be perfectly content. It’s a bit tricky to get to, but it’s not something to be missed.

MoustierFor lunch, we enjoyed a delicious meal next to the river at a restaurant called La Cascade. Augustin had duck and I had a fish with a Provençal sauce. Yum! The staff was extremely nice and the prices were not too bad. Sitting right by the creek with the birds chirping was the perfect way to relax after our fun-filled and busy vacation.


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