Coloring France

Color to Discover

April 29, 2015

I’ve always been interested in artsy things-crafting, painting, sewing, knitting, coloring and the like. Most of the time it’s a homemade gift for someone else, but this time it’s a project all to myself. What’s a great way to discover what France has to offer? A color in map, un coloriage, of course!


Although this would have been more useful at the beginning of the semester, it definitely isn’t lost. One of the goals for my time abroad was to discover the beautiful country I’m in because Europe has just too much to see in a short five months. While I have visited many great cities in France so far, there is an endless list of others. This weekend Augustin and I are headed to the French Riviera which I’m wicked excited about. After spending my semester in North, it’s about time we spent some time in the sunny South!

I haven’t decided if I will continually color in the places I’ve visited or get inspired to do the whole thing at once. I will probably color as I go considering the map is about the size of a large kitchen table for six.

Update. It’s not even eight hours later and the whole sea is colored. Took me all afternoon but it was worth it.

I do have to start at my home base: Lille. Which in the picture should have the coal pile and Le Beffroi de la CCI, or bell tower to the Chamber of Commerce switched because it is located in Vieux Lille. Otherwise Nord-Pars-de-Calais is known for special cheeses, including the Maroilles. Incredibly stinky, but delicious when baked.

photo (1)

This map would be a great distraction on the seven hour flight home in a few weeks (pass the tissues, I’m crying) but it could be a bit complicated to open in the sardine can of an airplane I’ll be packed inside. The good news is it’s a direct flight. Praise.

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