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Antibes at Sunset

May 19, 2015

Take me back to this amazing night in Antibes. It may have been the best night of our vacation. The colors in the sky were something I thought I’d only see in my dreams.

Antibes at SunsetWe took a walk through the city while Augustin told me old stories of when he lived there a few years ago for school. I guess it’s time for me to look into grad school! It made me happy to see how happy he was about that we were there. We saw his old apartment, the best bars, and the little streets that I’ve grown to love about France.

Pretty French House

I’ve been home for less than a week and I am already missing it so much. I’m not only missing Augustin, but the beauty and magic of this last trip we took together. I can tell you I will definitely be back. This sunset was too good to only see once.

Antibes Sunset

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