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An hour in Saint-Tropez

May 13, 2015

After spending the night at a beautiful villa of Augustin’s great uncle in Les Issambres, we decided to take a boat for a quick visit to Saint-Tropez. After all, we had to arrive in style to the place of high-class and wealthy jet-setters.

St. TropezFor us, an hour was just enough time to walk around and window shop at all of the major brands.  The Dior house was huge, not to mention it’s also a restaurant. St. Tropez is a cool place to visit because of it’s appeal and reputation, but unless you have 300€ to blow on a pair of rubber flip flops, there is not much to do. Much like many popular places, it’s filled with tourists and the simplest of things are overpriced, like a small water bottle for 4€. I don’t think so.

Dior House

During the time we spent in Saint-Tropez, the best part was probably the boat. It only took about 15 minutes from St. Maxime and we had a great view of city with the enormous yachts in the harbor from all over the world. We saw the ClubMed five mast ship leaving the night before, too bad we missed it. It put our little ferry to shame, but at least we had fun.

Saint Tropez

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