Surprise Dinner for Two

    July 26, 2015

    GUESS WHO IS HOME!? Finally Augustin is back! I am so happy to see him again and show him the apartment! I had a little surprise planned for when he came home, even though he thought we were going to Bojangles. Which by the way, went exactly as planned. Nothing like welcoming your boyfriend home with a surprise celebration toast and a homemade meal.
    IMG_8476He thought we were going to Bojangles, because he so desperately missed it (lol), but no, I was going to make dinner of course! After a little toast to our new home together, he took a quick shower and I was running around the kitchen trying to have everything out when he finished. He was surprised and it was perfect!

    IMG_8475Our dinner for two started with tomato and basil bruchetta, one of our favorites from our trip to Italy. Afterwards a delicious chicken parmesan and zucchini bake with a blended red wine, Apothic Red. I have to admit it doesn’t compare to the french wine I’ve had before, but it did the trick. And for dessert, homemade peach frozen yogurt! A simple recipe for a refreshing and light treat after a big meal.

    I know I haven’t been writing lately, but my inspiration is back and it’s time for some fun! Augustin and I will be going to visit my family in two weeks and we are taking him camping , which will be such a joy to watch. Can the frenchie survive a week in the woods? Stay tuned!!



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